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At festival Fate - the Bear with a salutatory word the missionary Abbot Sergy

On Saturday, on September, 11th will act, on Tveritsky quay the fate - festival under the name « will take place; Fate - the Bear ». At a concert such known groups, as « will act; Mamulki Bend » and « Volga - Volga » and the geography of participants of festival includes collectives from Kazan, Moscow, St.-Petersburg and other cities.

With a salutatory word before the gathered the known missionary Abbot Sergy (Rybko) which will arrive on festival under the invitation of organizers and on blessing of the Most holy Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril will act. Known Yaroslavl priest George Lapshin who is the father confessor bajk - club « will take part in action also; Black bears ». On festival it will come tearing along right after worship services in the Tolgsky monastery.

open-air organizers want to make Festival annual, involving fate - musicians of different styles: a jazz - fate, art - fate, hevi - metal.