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In Krasnodar the husband killed the wife who was going to leave a family

- 26 - the summer waitress of night club « Malibu » Natalia Sattorova and 49 - the summer builder - shabashnik Yury Almanov there lived together some years, - Ivan Sengerov, the senior assistant administrator of regional investigatory management tells. –   at pair two children were born, the five years` daughter in Siberia was nurtured by the grandmother, the two-year son together with parents lived in Krasnodar.

some time ago Natalia has made decision to leave from the husband, having left it the son. The spouse has not arranged such turn of events, past Saturday, on September, 4th, it has arrived for work to the wife and has demanded to return and take away with itself the child.

the young woman has asked colleagues on the worker, two security guards of night club, to accompany it as was afraid of rage of the husband. On road the taxi car in which there were all participants of this history, has got to a stopper. One of security guards left the car, the second remained to sit between Yury and Natalia which have started to quarrel the Husband writes JUGOPOLIS

, without having found arguments in dispute, has got from a pocket a knife and, having bent through the security guard, has struck the wife in a stomach. Then it left the car, has arrived home and has gone to bed.

the taxi driver and the security guard of night club have taken to hospital the bleeding profusely woman. Natalia Sattorova has died at doors of the operational.

now concerning her husband criminal case, it   is brought; it is taken into custody.