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In Krasnoyarsk region number of officials will reduce for the bill... Cleaners

Officials in the government Krasnoyarsk region has divorced too much, and under different versions to their quantity the region has appeared almost on the first place in Siberia, - such lobby interviews of the power go for a long time. It is necessary to do something!

Clever people have thought, and have decided what to improve indicators, and will reduce number of workers of the government for the bill... Cleaners. Cleaners, electricians, handymen – all of them work in organizational department of the government. Also are considered in structure of public authorities. That is are state employees.

But here it has appeared - shortly all « officials » with mops and rags will dismiss. With such offer someone has acted not, and itself zamgubernatora Krasnoyarsk region Sergey Ponomarenko.

- In each ministry of three - four cleaners, engineers on service of buildings and so on, and all of them workers of structure of public authorities, that is officials, - has declared at session of the government of edge zamgubernatora. – Therefore we want to create a new state institution which will do the cleaning in the governmental buildings. Cleaners and the technical personnel we will translate there. If we deduce these people in official body the edge can reduce quantity of officials and by their quantity to leave a three of leaders of the Siberian Federal district.

Here also it turns out – and wolves are full, that is reduction of quantity of state employees will appear in reports, and sheep are whole – cleaners promise not to dismiss but only to translate to other place.

But when it is all will occur – while it is not clear. Cleaners, wash as before corridors and offices, and is proud are called « officials »