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Hot water all will include till September, 10th

For today from - for proceeding major repairs of planting heating systems without hot water tenants of 85 skyscrapers sit. It at a briefing was declared by Alexander Matorygin, the deputy director of city department of housing and communal services. Tomorrow, that is on September, 9th, kommunalshchiki promise to open the gate with hot water in the houses located on Lesobaze, in the street Volodarsky and Hohrjakova. Here all repair work quickly comes to the end.

And here inhabitants from distressful street of 30 years of Victory should suffer till Friday. Here without hot water there is 21 apartment house. Alexander Aleksandrovich promised that hot water in the given area will appear on September, 10th. Exact time is not specified. However, it is not necessary to doubt: date definitive. The matter is that tenants of the house on journey Weaver`s, 12 with surprise have read the hanged out announcements that in connection with repair of the central thermal points hot water will be disconnected to … on October, 30th. And an addition: « Repair work spends « the Dresser – 20 ». On all questions to be converted in « warm Tyumen ». Tjumentsy have been extremely frightened: time is not present some the hot water, all this time will not be also heat!

As Matorygin has explained, repair of networks in this area will last to the middle of October, however it is not necessary to despair. Hot water from planting networks will go under the time scheme. Not to freeze the house, working will make insert and will clean it after the major repairs termination.

Now on all city there is a filling of networks with the heat-carrier to be completely ready to a cold season. It will begin after within five days the average temperature of air will not exceed 8 degrees. At schools, kindergartens, hospitals warmly will start to include since September, 13th, without waiting colds, but only under demands of heads and that only those establishments which have received readiness passports. Some yet have not finished with official registration of papers. As a whole, according to Matorygina, the city is ready by the winter for hundred percent.