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Noncommercial association of Estonia has on the quiet sold belonging to forces of defence the goods

State control of Estonia has found out that in January of last year of force of defence have passed noncommercial association in free using in Paldiski premises with the equipment for coffee and bar preparation, and also the goods belonging to the military man.

Eventually, noncommercial association approximately for 200 000 crones (nearby 13   000 euros) have on the sly sold belonging to forces of defence the goods.

« Besides, as of May for using premises of force of defence have not exposed any bill for rent and utilities » - it is written in state control audit. By the time of carrying out of audit from the bill, exposed in the end of May, 2009, 99 461 more crone (more than 6000 euros) has not been paid noncommercial association.

Only on April, 1st, that is a year later and three months after transfer of premises and inventory, the Ministry of Defence has concluded with noncommercial association the contract on rendering of service and using property.

State control recommends to the Minister of Defence to strengthen system of internal control to guarantee law performance at assignation in using and to avoid repetition of similar cases when the state property is passed without the conclusion of the contract of sale or rent. The Minister of Defence has responded state control: « We agree with the recommendation » inform « Business sheets ».