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Arshavin hopes for victory in two following matches of a national team

As it is known, we have lost to Slovaks 0:1. On   to opinion of some, the judge has been prejudicedly adjusted in relation to Russians. But Arshavin   during performance in English the Prime minister - league has learnt to search for the reasons in itself, instead of in world around.

- a leah Were a penalty? There is no saying, did not see these episodes, far was from these points. I will look at repetitions in hostel. Then I can tell something. If as a whole to estimate work of the arbitrator, I consider that it has seized normally. And we, first of all, should think only of the game, instead of to search « murderers ».   to Think of it it is necessary to defeat already a following match, - Andrey Arshavin in interview to the official site has told.

- Slovaks have led a match how they are able to do it. Playing strictly in protection, they tried to catch us on counter attack, or to catch us on an error. Unfortunately, they could use our oversight, - Arshavin speaks. -   Not a secret that before a match they did not hide that the drawn game in Moscow for them becomes positive result. Having moved in the bill, they began to play more strictly to defence. We could not overcome this boundary in Moscow.   though and we had quite good moments to amaze their gate. We had chances which we did not use. Therefore, result under the bill … I Hope that in Bratislava all will develop much better for us.

however from fans of a national team Arshavin is ready to criticism:

- I understand our people. Also would like to thank those from them, which   believe in our national team. Now   I can tell only one: this year we should spend two more games. We will defeat them, and all will return into place.