Rus News Journal

Near Saratov the young recidivist has wanted to return on a zone and Simple rural fellow Vanja Vasilev once again " has killed the stepfather

; has leant back from a zone only in the beginning of this summer. By the 22 years he already has had time to play pranks on - to the adult, at first having rung out in prison on the young child for small krazhonku. After the first term Vasilev has again appeared behind a lattice - besides, the thief was taken red-handed. And the young man plundered one and that feldshersko - akushersky point in the native village Nekrasovo near Krasnoarmeysk.

at first it abducted tablets - soft drugs. nashirjavshis nonsenses, the teenager went to the regional centre, walked on streets at night and on the move plundered shops - that a potato, boots, beer with cigarettes or vodka with shokolodkami. Having typed good Ivan went to the girlfriend - poshikovat, to indulge the girl yes night together with it to pass away.

without having had time to come back home from a colony this time (it was released conditionally - ahead of schedule), the young recidivist has fallen back into the old ways at once.

- such people have simply nothing to do on freedom. Here they also toil without business, miss and are torn back to a zone, - guards consider.

having learnt that Vasilev again houses, employees fedsherskogo point began to take away at once with themselves the most valuable and expensive things, from a sin far away.

- As soon as have heard that Vanja has returned, the lock have hung up and we try to hold all at themselves. We know that it! - the physicians who have repeatedly suffered from hands of the pilferer admitted.

but on - large Vasilev has rung out only now. While it wound ocherednjo term, mum of the malefactor had a new roommate. Vane that was not pleasant at once. And it has killed him. Between men quarrel has flashed, fight was fastened. The victim has hit a head about a back of a sofa and a month later has died in hospital.

- it as if persistently ran into the next article. In this time at Vasileva was three subscriptions about nevyezde, and it went and went further that him at last have arrested, - has shared with the senior inspector on especially important issues of department on Factory area of regional government SKP Anton Lobasev. - As - that has got into restaurant at night, has kicked up a row, has included loud music, has eaten, has drunk and more with itself has taken pair of bags of products. Has called a taxi - and spokojnenko has left home. Now sits, complaints writes. To it threatens till six years of imprisonment.