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Firing has occurred in the east of Moscow

Five persons are wounded in the east of Moscow. The unknown person has shot them from
travmatiki. Incident has occurred on one of autorefuellings. As the official representative of the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Gennady Bogachyov has informed
, all
victims are hospitalised. He has declared it on air of radio “ ” 97,2 FM:

Five persons are wounded in the east of Moscow

- On service 02 the message on fight on Projected journey, 890 has arrived. It is area Izmajlovo, East district. Fight between natives of Tajikistan. As a result of the given incident one of participants has applied a traumatic pistol therefore 5 persons with various wounds, characteristic for application of the traumatic weapon, were converted into medical institutions for medical aid rendering.

Cειχΰρ on a scene inspectors work. The incident reasons are found out.