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In Ekaterinburg two have faced legkovushki: one driver was lost, another has escaped

Failure has occurred the day before in the street Angarsk, 46   in 23. 05. Have faced Mitsubishi and   VAZ of the seventh model.

the Driver of Mitsubishi   went from street Boring. According to eyewitnesses, the car wagged on road. Towards went the seven . Suddenly, around 46 - go houses the foreign car has taken off on the counter. Motorists had not time even to press a brake. Cars have faced. Has most got domestic legkovushke. 59 - the summer driver of VAZ has died before arrival Fast .

the Originator of failure, hasty disappearing, has forgotten in salon a mobile phone. On it the reckless driver also have calculated -   47 - the summer man   after failure slept off at the girlfriend.

- On   to last call have found for the girlfriend of the driver, in   to which apartment about three o`clock in the morning and   already sleeping driver has been found. On   to tentative data, the man was drunk, - have specified in a press - traffic police service on Sverdlovsk area.

the Motorist delivered in   militia for finding-out of all circumstances of road accident. On   to the law of the driver waits as   administrative, and   a criminal liability.