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The Novosibirsk driver has rammed spetsavto with 22 prisoners

Yesterday on September, 7th on a federal line of M - 52 Novosibirsk - Biisk - Tashanta in 15 - ti kilometres from village Troitsk (approximately halfway between Biisk and Barnaul) there was a road accident: the driver of the truck Isudzu - Elf has faced with spetsavtomobilem Kamaz department of internal affairs across Novoaltaisk (a city - the companion of Barnaul). As a result avtozak has overturned sideways.

- Crew Kamaza - avtozaka escorted 22 - h suspected and accused in a temporary detention facility of department of internal affairs across Novoaltaisk, - have informed in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Altay territory. - at collision have suffered and following for avtozakom cars - a traffic police escort car, Toyota - Hajs under control of the inhabitant of Biisk and Kamaz With the trailer, loaded grechkoj, following from Eltsovsky area of Altay territory to Barnaul.

Most likely that 22 accused from avtozaka have not run up on a federal line and its vicinities, into place   a car accident   the helicopter with group of police officers and traffic police crew has been immediately directed. However, in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Altay territory, this version deny and say that the helicopter has taken off for elimination of consequences of road accident and rendering assistance by the possible victim . Victims among konvoruemyh are not present. And in the car of support of an escort at stolkonovenii two police officers who immediately hospitalised have been wounded.

the road accident Place has been surrounded, additional protection has been exposed. While movement on a line has been blocked, motor transport moved on a loop road. Under the preliminary version, the driver of the truck " became the originator of failure; Isudzu The inhabitant of Novosibirsk who at passing has left on a counter strip, has not calculated a distance and has admitted collision with spetsavtomobilem. Check is now spent.