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30 - the summer man was lost, going for a drive on a car luggage carrier

Driving on a luggage carrier of the moving car became last cheerful entertainment in life 30 - the summer inhabitant of village Birch forests of Borisoglebsky area.

the Tragedy has happened yesterday, on September, 7th, about 17 hours in the street Is new in village Inaltsino. In   the next house   wedding here walked. One of visitors, probably, has decided to fool about, has jumped on a cover of the luggage carrier, driving by « the five » also has swept with a breeze already 48 metres!

the Car, according to GAI officers, went with small speed, nevertheless, the young man was not kept, has fallen to road and has hit a head... The trauma has appeared deadly. The physicians who have approached soon, only verified death. Now on it road accident is conducted investigation. It is known that not only the victim, but also the driver « the five » By the way, its fellow villager, also was in an alcohol intoxication.

One more tragedy has happened yesterday about 9 evenings on Kostroma highway in the Yaroslavl area near a public transport stop « Coastal ».
the Car « Kia » following transit from Hunts - Mansijsky district, has brought down on road of the pedestrian. The guy has died on the spot. Till now militiamen cannot establish the person of the victim. Its signs: by sight nearby 20 - 25 years, growth 170 - 175, hair short are light - fair-haired. Has been dressed in a jacket it is light - brown colour, a dark blue sweater with drawing of white colour, krossovki black colour.
If someone knows this guy, the request to call by phone: (4852 30 - 10 - 10 or in any police station.
All for the last days on area roads there were 9 serious failures. 2 persons were lost, 7 — have got to hospitals with various traumas. The road accident most part has occurred from - for infringements by drivers of a high-speed mode.