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Stavropol the amazon the National team of Europe has flashed in Croatia

became the owner of the Continental Cup of the International association of track and field athletics. The contribution to command success was brought also by Russians. In total our sportsmen have won in the Croatian city of Split nine awards – five trophies of the higher test, two medals « silver » worthiness and two « bronze ». The second Africans finished, and the American team has closed a three of the best.

Maria Abakumov who has received « Has flashed in Croatia and stavropolchanka; gold » following the results of competitions kopemetatelnits. The prize-winner of the Olympic games and the World championship at once has shown, who in sector the owner. More correctly, the mistress. The first movement our Masha has established a record of competitions, having sent the an instrument of labour on appointment to a mark of 65 metres of 28 centimetres. And in best of Abakumov`s attempts has interrupted the newly made achievement, having shown result of 68 metres of 14 centimetres.

Anybody from competitors even is close to these indicators has not stolen up. To tell enough that received « silver » delegatka « Black continent » - Sunett Vilzhoen from the republic of South Africa, has lagged behind ours zemljachki almost on six metres (62,21 metres). Has closed a three of the best Kimberleys Michael from Australia (61,36 metres).