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The debts syktyvkartsev prevent to include batteries

to See on the street thermometer of fluctuation about a zero - last week habitual business for syktyvkartsev and inhabitants of all Republic Komi. For this reason the question on connection to heat became recently to one of the sharpest. Besides, inhabitants of republic daily set tens questions on this subject in Public adoptive Heads of Republic Komi. By data a press - services of Head RK, most of all inquiries has arrived from Syktyvkar. Though batteries in bolshinstvah city houses till now cold, the cold season nevertheless in Syktyvkar has begun, as well as promised, on September, 3rd. By the way, according to the governmental order of the Russian Federation to submit heating to houses it is necessary at daily average temperature of air plus 8 and to switch off batteries, when daily average temperature five days on end too plus 8. One of the main reasons why warmly till now has not come to apartments syktyvkartsev - population debts for housing - utilities. For August, 1st the debt of management companies of Syktyvkar before teplovikami made 339 million roubles, debt TSZH and ZHSK - 69, 5 million roubles. By data for September, 7th, a cold season has begun in 18 - ti republic municipal unions. From them in Priluzsky and Udorsky areas heat moves only on objects of social sphere. And in Kojgorodsky and Kortkerossky areas the decision on the cold season beginning is not accepted yet. Heat has come to all houses of Vorkuta, Usinsk, Ust - Tsilemsky and Ust - Kulomsky areas.