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In the Volgograd region the manager of maternity home has received conditional term for  destruction of the baby

to understand   in this sad story it was required to inspectors and judges almost two years. In this time suffered Oksana Filatova – mum of the lost baby has had time to get a crumb - a daughter, and managing delivery room October TSRB to receive not one gratitude from the heads for good work. But here to prove that its fault in death oksaninogo is not present the firstborn, the physician and could not.

- I dreamt Of children in the senior classes of school when during physical examination doctors have made the terrible diagnosis « barreness ». Why and from - for what such happens, I   and has not understood. Course of treatment and unbounded tablets, have not helped. Likely where - that in   to depth of soul has already reconciled that mum to me not to become. With the husband tried to avoid a sensitive issue, and in November, 2007 there was a miracle, - Oksana Filatova remembers.

On the account in female consultation the future mum has risen, as soon as has learnt that carries under heart of the kid. Replenishment in family was expected in July. But on 35 - j to week physicians have told that problems have begun. The future lying-in woman had a narrow basin. And if to allow to the kid to grow up still problems not to avoid. Have suggested to call artificial childbirth, but Oksana has refused.

- I felt perfectly. But nevertheless has decided to lay down on preservation. Childbirth has begun precisely in time. And with them and the first difficulties. At the first attempts the kid has got stuck. That occurred further, was the present nightmare. The accoucheur and nurses jumped on a stomach, offended me. And in end the manager has told that I unscrupulous. I can not give birth normally and I will strangle the child. Tears and entreaties about the help have not helped, - the girl cries.

Only at night when it became clear – a situation critical, physicians have decided to send Oksana in the regional centre. Have lowered on foot from the second floor, have set in jolty « fast » and two hours wandered in search of the necessary maternity home in Volgograd.

And after have left the girl on a threshold of medical institution with things and chubby history of pregnancy in   hands.

-   the fainting girl spent in rodzal. In the morning the boy was born, but was without consciousness. At the time of delivery it had a hemorrhage in a brain. The reason - delay of doctors and not spent in time reanimatsionnye actions. After a month the baby has died. And Oksana has written the application in Office of Public Prosecutor. Criminal case under article « has been brought; death Causing on imprudence ». But, to collect all proofs of fault of the physician a lot of time was required. One of these days the district court recognised the manager branch guilty. In punishment the woman has received two years conditionally and will lock to be engaged in profession of a physician for a period of 12 months, - Ismail Mamedov, the inspector of Kotelnikovsky MrSO of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region has told .

And as an award for all crucifyings in Oksana`s life there was one more miracle. It again became mum. Now to babe Angeline ten months, but on this mum has not entrusted life to the babe to regional physicians.