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Predrag Nenezhich: the Montenegro industry of tourism left crisis

the Head of the Ministry of tourism of Montenegro Predrag Nenezhich has commented on preliminary results of a summer tourist season. According to the minister, it is already possible to say that the majority of tasks in view is solved. In particular, level of incomes of the tourist industry, as well as it was planned, during the current year will be up to standard of 620 million euro.

Unlike last years foreign tourists did not test special complexities at entrance to the country and the further rest on resorts. Partial d in operation of new water supply systems has in many respects solved a problem with water supply of Tivata, Kotora and Budvy. End of building of several new hotels and reconstruction of existing hostels have allowed to increase total number of numbers by 1500 units, mister Nenezhich has noted.

According to the head of tourist department, at the heart of the success reached in the summer of 2010 not subjective, but objective factors. In particular, Predrag Nenezhich does not agree with those who considers fires to Russia and an economic crisis in Greece as principal causes of increase in inflow of foreign tourists to Montenegro. According to the official, success roots lie in systematic work of the state and business.    

In the long term, the government will continue to stimulate inflow of foreign investments to tourist sector of economy, and also to involve leading world hotel networks. Occurrence in Montenegro new hotels of a category « 5 stars »   will allow to involve new tourists and to prolong a tourist season, mister Nenezhich has noted.

Now in Montenegro is available 36 thousand places in hostels of various level. By 2020, has underlined Predrag Nenezhich, in the country should be not less than 100 thousand places in hotels. Besides, about 65 thousand places for placing of tourists is available in a private sector.

In 2010 Montenegro will visit about 300 thousand persons from the European Union countries, 450 thousand from Serbia, ten thousand having a rest of Russia and other CIS countries. Predrag Nenezhich has especially underlined importance and perspectivity of the Russian market for Montenegro. However he has warned against extreme measures and orientation to tourists from one country, let even such big, as Russia.