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Of Kazan the official accuse in nedoremonte schools and kindergartens on 1 million roubles

One the chief economic - operational department of one of municipal authorities of Kazan with similar « swindle » would not consult. But has found a way how it is possible « to earn additionally ». All chain and malfeasance details of which accuse the woman, now investigate in Management on struggle against economic crimes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RT.

According to field investigators, the official has founded and has concluded with administration of Kazan municipal contracts from one of familiar firms on operating repair performance at several schools and kindergartens. The sum for these peaceable things have allocated considerable – it is more than 1 million roubles.

Repair as a result have made, but not completely. Where money for outstanding work – it is not known.

- now concerning the director of firm criminal case under article « is brought; Swindle » and concerning the chief economic - operational department – « abusing powers of office » - have informed «» in UBEP.