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The philologist has checked up on literacy blogs known kirovchan

Today one of the International days marked in system of the Organization of the incorporated nations. It is devoted literacy. We have asked the philologist to honour to Anastas Marievu blogs of the governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belyh, the chief of department of physical culture and sports of area of Svetlana Medvedevoj, the assistant to the head of department of culture of area of Svetlana Tetenkinoj, the head of department of public health services Alexander Matveeva and the director of Theatre on Spassky Boris Pavlovicha. The expert has come to a conclusion that Kirov vipy competent enough people.
- has studied a little « fasts » Nikitas Belyh. It competent enough. It has discrepancies, not errors, namely discrepancies which, most likely, simply typing errors, - shares Anastas`s conclusions. - Svetlana Medvedev too competently writes! At Boris Pavlovicha all is ideal, he can teach Russian. At Svetlana Tetenkinoj also without obvious   mistakes, the only thing - it in headings everywhere puts points, but, can, at it « a counter » the such. At Matveeva basically commas lack. To carp especially   there is nothing. Literacy at all at level. And, eventually, not a dictation write.