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In Altay territory has turned over KamAZ with 22 convicts

road accident has occurred 7   September on a federal line of M - 52 « Novosibirsk - Biisk - Tashanta » in 15 kilometres from village Troitsk. Then the lorry « Isudzu - Elf » has faced with spetsavtomobilem « KamAZ » OVD on the city of Novoaltaisk transporting 22 prisoners in an insulator.

- From blow   spetsavtomobil has overturned sideways,   - have told in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Altay territory. - « has hooked »   and following for avtozakom cars: a traffic police escort car, « Toyota - Hajs » under control of the townsman of Biisk and « KamAZ » with grechihoj, going from Eltsovsky area to Barnaul.

On a place of accident at once have sent the helicopter with police officers and traffic police crew to understand the reasons of an event and if necessary to assist victims. Without victims, alas, has not managed:

- Among prisoners of a trauma nobody has received, - continue in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Altay territory. - two militiamen going in an escort car however have suffered: them at once have taken to hospital.

After state of emergency a place of accident have surrounded. And as   participants of road accident became suspected of fulfilment of the most different crimes the militia has exposed additional protection. For that period while movement on a line has been blocked, employees of traffic police have organised journey of cars on a loop road.

Under the preliminary version, the driver « became the originator of failure; Isudzu » The inhabitant   a city of Novosibirsk which at passing has left on a counter strip, has not calculated a distance and   ran in spetsavtomobil. Anyway, in all the consequence will understand.