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In Ukraine can enter free use of Russian

on September, 8th group of deputies of the Supreme Rada has initiated to assign to the Ukrainian language the status state, and to Russian to give free functioning practically in all fields of activity.

Initiators of the document - the leader of fraction of Party of Regions Alexander Efremov, the leader of fraction of Communist party of Ukraine Peter Simonenko and a member of fraction of Bloka Litvina Sergey Grinevetsky.

Under the given document each citizen of Ukraine can   freely to use any language, to study and support any language, to consider itself belonging to one or more language groups .

the State language in Ukraine is the Ukrainian language - it is told in bill article 6.

Ukrainian - Russian dvujazychie, developed historically, is important property of the Ukrainian people, the powerful factor of consolidation of a multinational Ukrainian society - quotes the statement of deputies Interfax .