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In Izhevsk Alexander Ushakov itself has checked up on durability borders on the repaired roads

Repair of roads under the program « an United Russia » now in the heat. Today, on September, 8th, the head of administration of a city Alexander Ushakov and heads of city areas have visited some places where defects under repair roads have been revealed.

- 53 % of all works planned in this year are at present executed, - Alexander Ushakov has told. - term at us till November, 1st, also would be desirable to believe that we can hand over all in time. Now there is a reception of the repaired roads. The basic remarks to contract organisations that borders are incorrectly established. And works are very much tightened. As from the moment of a cut of a road covering before packing of new asphalt should not pass more than three days.

it is valid, some sites of road, for example for May, 9th and 10 years of October, asphalt have been cut off still two weeks ago. But here to hasten with packing new hurries up nobody. It calls inconveniences public transport and the complaint of many passengers.
the road in the street May also has undergone to criticism. The majority of borders on this site strongly sticks out over road.

- what is it? - Alexander Aleksandrovich was indignant and itself has checked up, the border is how much well made. And, a traditional method - poshatal his foot. The border has fallen...
- we are expensive we do not for one year, - Alexander Ushakov has safely declared. - and all our remarks should be altered contract organisations.
and as Alexander Aleksandrovich has noted, in the winter such borders will simply pull out at snow cleaning. And it is necessary to establish again them in the spring, and on it additional means be required.

As Alexander Aleksandrovich has noted, in the winter such borders will simply pull out at snow cleaning.
a photo: Paradise Ibragimova.

Sacco and Vanzetti`s street became the Following place of arrival of the commission, there passed within two weeks road repair. But to contract organisation there were claims from - for qualities of packing. Also the decision a city administration to replace contract organisation was accepted. And not to pay work to the enterprise which could not execute a task in view.   The same measures it is planned to apply to all organisations which have broken norms. And to alter the « jambs » they will be at own expense.

on one of stops to Alexander Ushakov has approached izhevchanka, with claims that here some years on Votkinsk highway nobody does sidewalk. And it is completely covered by holes and ruts. The head of administration has promised that the sidewalk together with road will be made this year.

- it is not necessary to wait, when again it will be necessary to do road capital repairs, - Alexander Aleksandrovich has strictly commented. - it is necessary to Make now!

Following the results of Alexander Ushakov`s detour there was a picture that works on repair of roads in Izhevsk go at full speed. But here to alter the defects to the organisations it is necessary yet time. As guarantee period on a new covering 4 years. And for this period contractors should correct the appeared holes at own expense.


Where to be converted with the complaint about poor-quality repair of roads?

a city administration of Izhevsk - (3412 72 - 45 - 94.
Administration of May Day area – (3412 78 - 55 - 39.
Administration of Ustinovsky area - (3412 36 - 34 - 44.
Administration of Lenin area - (3412 71 - 52 - 48.
Administration of October area – (3412 59 - 99 - 02.
Administration of Industrial area - (3412 44 - 76 - 56.