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Business shantazhistki and extortioners of millions at the oldest daughter of the president of Estonia is directed to court

« the Joke » 17 - the summer Estonian girl will cost much to it.

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Baltic country has directed its criminal case in which it is accused of blackmail and extortion of millions at the oldest daughter of the president of Estonia by Juulii Kristijne Ilves to court.

the republic criminal code provides for a similar crime punishment in the form of imprisonment by term from four till twelve years.

Business of the young inhabitant of the island Saaremaa, directed in Pjarnusky district, will be considered in the accelerated order.

Accused has sent to the coeval Juulii Kristijne Ilves the message in social network Facebook and has demanded to translate to the specified bank account some millions crones.

According to state public prosecutor Stevena - Hristo Evestusa, law enforcement bodies believe that real danger of the daughter of the president living in the USA, did not threaten.

According to Postimees, the suspect and the daughter of the president in real life never met and did not communicate with each other. Several weeks ago the girl who has visited on final investigatory actions in police, in writing recognised the fault, however began to confirm the return later.

the characteristics Collected during the investigation given by acquaintances of the suspect, specify that the girl differs changeability of moods.

Police officers on Thursday have interrogated suspected of extortion. Accusation in blackmail and extortion is brought to it, informs an information portal novosti. err. ee.