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Medvedev has urged to change the Wood code

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has declared on Wednesday at meeting on forestry development that the situation with forest fires has revealed lacks of the operating Wood code, and has urged the government to think over variants of its updating.

« Operating edition of the Wood code has replaced the state wood protection by the state wood control and supervision. On this subject at us discussion was conducted, now it has become aggravated - well it has been made or it is bad » - Medvedev has told.

As he said, « one defect of this system was showed to the full during a present difficult situation because this control and supervision is carried out in the form of checks of legal bodies or the individual businessmen working in wood ».

However, the president, « has noted; At us not the European small country, at us in rent in Russia it is passed only about 13 % of woods, so, more than 1 mlrd hectare of woods as a matter of fact remained without the specialised personnel on their protection ».

« These are woods which are not passed yet to legal bodies, to individual businessmen, are in state fund, but control there such, as earlier, no. Earlier these powers were carried out on a constant basis by officials of timber enterprises and forest areas » - Medvedev has reminded.

In this connection the president has declared that is ready « to discuss any reasonable variants of that it is necessary to make ».

He also has underlined that it is necessary to develop financial and legal mechanisms on restoration of the burnt down woods.

« It does not mean that the state is obliged to incur all expenses. It is necessary to prepare financial and legal mechanisms which will allow both to tenants and to the regional authorities up to the mark to carry out the problem on restoration of woods » - quotes Medvedev « Interfax ».