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Streets with what they were hundred years ago, it is possible to see in memorial estate

on September, 10th, in the first day of commemorating of anniversary of a city, photo-exhibition on which visitors can see the eyes the central areas of Yaroslavl such with what they were hundred years ago will open.
Among already known jaroslavtsam photos there will be also a set withdrawn of store rooms and rare funds of a museum. Pictures of photographers - fans who have embodied 100 years ago beauty of a city will be hung out also. Here it is possible to compare that was earlier and as the city for the whole century has changed. Considering old photos, it is possible to make virtual walk on old parkways, the areas and squares. Employment disturbing taking into account that the shape of a city has exchanged practically to unrecognizability.
photo-exhibition « Yaroslavl – the Center. 100 years to 1000 » will finish the long-term exhibition project « the Yaroslavl large villages » Which has been devoted 1000 - letiju Yaroslavl.

Where: memorial estate
When : opening on September, 10th. Will work till the end of the year.
how much : 40 roubles - the children`s ticket, 70 - the adult.