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In Stavropol again will block roads

the Most problematic for inhabitants of Jugo - the Western area there is an overlapping of street of Tukhachevsky on a site from 50 years VLKSM to Pirogova. Works here will begin in 6 o`clock in the morning on September, 9th and will last till the morning on September, 11th. To go round repair work it will be possible on streets Pirogova, Shpakovsky, 50 years VLKSM, 45 Parallel. The trolleybus route 11 which will follow also in a detour on Pirogova and Shpakovsky will change also.

Again on all days off will block street of 50 years VLKSM. Movement will stop from Tukhachevsky to Shpakovsky. Transport will go to a detour on streets Dovatortsev, Tukhachevsky, Pirogova, Shpakovsky, Voroshilov. Trolley buses 4, 8 will a little change the route – will go on Dovatortsev, Tukhachevsky, and the trolley bus 2 will not go these days.
Well and, certainly, the prospectus of Kulakova. This city highway will be closed yes 6 o`clock in the morning on September, 11th on a site from Lenin to 1 - oh Industrial. Now, if you move on Kulakova from the Youth prospectus, towards Lenin`s street you should go round on streets 1 - aja Industrial, Industrial, Lenin. If you go on Kulakova from Lenin aside 1 - oh Industrial movement will be urged to carry out on an oncoming traffic strip. The trolley buses following on routes 5, 7, 9 will not go at this time.
And with 6. 00 mornings on September, 11th to 6. 00 mornings Kulakova will block on September, 13th on the same strip, but it is a little above: from 1 - oh Industrial to Kulakova, 15. The detour will be carried out also on a counter strip.