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Small blokadnitse Petersburgers bore candles and toys

Jablonevyj a garden in a court yard of the house 55 on Cash street 57 years ago pupils 34 - oh schools in memory of victims in blockade Leningrad. Still one year ago it, when - that feeding schoolboys apples, a cherry and even a gooseberry, has been started. This summer it has restored, have planted new trees.

- We so achieved, so achieved that will restore it! - it is excited two old women, green blockade ribbons on tops of jackets remembered, - we Remember, what tasty apples were every year!

Today to a garden have added last, most important detail, - a monument to children of blockade. Have created it Galina Dodonov and architect Vladimir Reppo have created the sculptor.

to Estimate their creativity and to remember those who has not worried these awful 900 days many Petersburgers have come. At everyone in hands on a red carnation, at veterans of a medal on jackets, at schoolboys flags and candles in glass lamp-stands.

All of them silently, with grief looked at a granite figure wrapped up in a shawl small blokadnitsy which standing against stely, reminding windows of military Leningrad, compresses in hands of 125 grammes of bread.

On monument opening the small Petersburger with the grandfather - blokadnikom has acted. The girl has read touching verses about the grandfather:

- I know, I remember, how it was: my great-grandmother spoke to me! All five children has lifted, the heart to them has given!

Soul to a monument put not only verses, but also music. For the granite girl and all present have played on a violin, after - blokadnitse have brought toys, candles and carnations. The jablonevyj garden has responded gratitude: the monument had baskets with apples which could take any interested person, and books about blockade children « the House over Neva » Ljubovi Kuznetsovoj – too a gift to not indifferent Petersburgers.