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At the writer Ilya Stogova daughter Marusja

that the Petersburg writer Ilya Stogov waits for addition in family was born, we knew since spring. Then the car has driven into the pregnant wife of the writer on parking at a supermarket (read to Ilya Stogovu more in detail threatens till two years for the broken mirror) . Very many our readers then worried about health of young mum. But fortunately, all has managed. And on sixth of September at family Stogovyh there was a wonderful babe.  

- Have decided to name Marusej, - at once has informed «» Stacks when we have called to congratulate him. – Was born small, only 2,5 kilogrammes, but healthy. Doctors say that never saw such perfect girl.  

As has told «» Ilya, and pregnancy at the wife proceeded hardly, and at the time of delivery there were problems. But for the babe and mum sisters of the Petersburg Dominican monastery prayed, and it has helped. The abbess of this monastery, sister Matilda will be God mum Marusi.  

The father the babe yet did not see, and at sorts was not present.  

- At a birth of the first son has sustained three minutes and has run away, - the father admitted. – not man`s this business – to observe of it   ordinance.  

In day when Marusja was born, the father just marked birthdays of elder sons, Nikita and Stepan, 16 and 9 years. So it has turned out that they too were born in the beginning of the September, the first and the sixth.  

- It is visible, before New year at me to the wife inflow of feelings, - the writer has joked. – we dreamt for a long time of the girl, and at last it has turned out. On the reached we will not stop.