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In the Saratov shops bread

Despite assurances of officials has risen in price that for a loaf more to pay to us it is not necessary, shops have already copied price lists on the goods number one. Since September, 8th has officially raised the prices for the production the Engelssky bread-baking complex — one of the largest in area who delivers long loafs and rolls in one and a half thousand shops.

- On the basic grades of bread — white, black, we have increased the prices for 6 percent, for bakery products - on 12 - 14, - has told to the correspondent «» the Novel Kravtsov, the chief of commercial department of the Engelssky bread-baking complex. - other exit at us simply is not present. For last two months the flour became more expensive for 80 percent, eggs from the beginning of year have risen in price twice, plus sugar, butter, milk the prices on which too have grown. I do not speak already about increase in expenses at the electric power, gas, PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. And last time we lifted price of bread 3,5 years ago.

Cost price of a roll of the white has risen for 80 copecks — with 12,55 to 13. 30 roubles. In shop it costs now an order of 15 roubles. A long loaf « Ladushka » now costs more almost on two roubles.

- Unfortunately, we do not receive any grants from the regional budget as, for example, molochniki, - Kravtsov marks. - though in Tatarstan and Mordovia such support of manufacturers of bread is. Now a situation, really, difficult, and these 80 copecks on which the prices, for us &mdash have grown; a drop in the sea.

For engelsskimi manufacturers of bread the others will follow also. Olga Aleksandrova, the chief according to plan - economic department of Joint-Stock Company « Sokur - 63 » has told that the prices for their bread will rise already tomorrow. Too percent on 5 - 6. On a bread-baking complex « Struzhkino » also have told that will increase the prices for a product number one or in the end of this week, or in the beginning of the following.