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To Ural Mountains there have arrived drummers of mobile images

the Exhibition opens today at once on several platforms, including printing house « the Ural worker » on Uralmashzavode and other enterprises. In the former type-setting shop, for example, have constructed a wall of blocks, and in a crack have thrust ten-rouble pieces of paper.

That has resulted in our city of artists - avant-gardists from thirteen countries? Organizers respond foggy.

- Streets of Ekaterinburg remind conveyors, and the enthusiasm and compulsion mix is entered in bends of a constructivist building of printing house « the Ural worker » - the curator of the project Ekaterina Degot explains.

And further about absolutely devilry about unfortunate printing house:

- the Housing estate for workers of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs and their families (« Small town of Security officers ») Has been constructed so that any minute to close to a penalty and to transform it into an unapproachable strong hold, and secret tunnels connect it with any point of a city.

it is valid, to become crazy.

And on an Uralmash in the meantime the exposition was developed seriously – already in two thrown shops. In one of them on a floor accurate rjadkami have placed three thousand pieces of a laundry soap. Next day they will be crushed by an asphalt spreader, then soap will weld, will cover authors of performance and will let to get home in rush hour in public transport. In general, it is not necessary to miss.  


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