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The serial maniac goes to Samara - raschlenitel

Now across all Russia search for Jack the Ripper of our days. Sergey Martynov has killed already some persons. To victims it usually cuts out bodies. The last some days it bossed in Bashkortostan. Having made last, the eighth, murder, the man has disappeared. One of inhabitants of Ufa has agreed to throw it towards Samara, without knowing that carries the maniac.

the Man of years of forty five has stopped the car on departure from Ufa. Has asked, where the driver goes. That has responded that in Blagovarsky area of Bashkortostan. And the person from wood needed to reach Samara.

the Inhabitant of Ufa has agreed to throw the fellow traveller to village May Day. Has paid attention: on a hand there are no several phalanxes. On road that has told story – the pier, worked in Perm, some fingers have freezed in the same place.

Having landed the benevolent fellow traveller, the driver has gone on the affairs. In some days has come back home to Ufa. Has bought local « » also has gasped – from a cover that fellow traveller whom he has left in Blagovarsky area looked at it. Having read article, the man has understood that brought up the dangerous criminal, the murderer - the maniac whom search on all country.

- are now spent operatively - search actions in territory of Bashkiria, Cамарской areas and in other regions of the country, – has told «» the inspector of Lenin interdistrict investigatory department of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on RB Ildar Minniahmetov.

it is important!

the Portrait of the murderer

to Sergey Martynovu by sight 45 years. It is outwardly similar to the Tatar, knows both Tatar, and Uzbek languages, earlier veins   in Tashkent.

the Fan of vodka and strong tea. Sleeps always in clothes. With itself carries a black bag made of cloth with a yellow strip in the middle. In a bag flat-nose pliers, screw-drivers, an old radio receiver in the dark blue case, wound with an insulating tape.

the Man smokes cigarettes « the Tonic ». On hands there are no phalanxes of several fingers. The acquaintance told that has lost them when worked in a city of Perm as the electrician.

the Chronicle of crimes

2005 - the city of Kemerovo, has tried to rape the girl, has struck a knife, the victim has survived

2007, beginning of June - a city Glazov, the Udmurt area - has killed the woman, cut out bodies

2007, end of July - village Vjazovka, the Nizhniy Novgorod region, has raped 8 - the summer child

2008, November - settlement Znamenka, the Oryol region - has killed the sozhitelnitsu

2008, May - Vladimir region - has killed the man, has plundered Konstantino - the Elinsky temple

2008, August - the Novgorod region - in wood has killed the elderly woman, has cut up a chest and cut out heart

2010, August - Bashkortostan, has raped and has killed 70 - the summer woman.