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Medvedev was voiced on a problem of the Khimki wood

on September, 8th the president of Russia has made the statement in which it is said that the destiny of the Khimki wood should dare taking into account an ecology question.

Medvedev has made on August, 26th the order to suspend preparation for building and to spend new public and expert discussions of a question of building of a high-speed line Moscow - St.-Petersburg.

The variants of building 18 - will be given on September, 19th by public chamber of the Russian Federation.

Me the decision on additional study of this question was accepted. And I would like, that at this study the government was guided not only economic, but also ecological reasons - Medvedev has told.

it does not mean that economy on a side, but should be taken into consideration and other factors. I understand departments which support preservation of the available project. But the decision is not accepted yet. For this purpose it is necessary to spend, as we agreed, all necessary hearings with participation of expert structures, public structures   -   quotes   the president of RIA News .