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Inhabitants of Murmansk area need to be defined: in what kind they want to receive privileges

on October, 1st - last day when federal exempts will choose: a leah there will be they next year completely or partially to use a package of the state social help in natural expression. And can on a broader scale will refuse privileges in exchange for monetary indemnification? That it to make, we will remind, it is necessary to write the application in branch of the Pension fund of Russia in a residence. If the exempt next year does not want to change anything, any statements it is not necessary to write.

- Since April, 1st the size of social payments makes 705,10 roubles a month, including 627 roubles allocate for additional medical aid and 78,10 roubles - on free journey, - employees of group on interaction from branch PFR mass-media on Murmansk area inform.

And here since April, 1st, 2011 the new size of a money`s worth of a set of social services will be established.