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Estonia will help Russia with the decision of problems of agriculture

Estonia can impart experience with Russia in the decision of problems of agriculture.

the Russian Federation it is necessary to solve a number of internal problems which we already faced face to face - has told vitse - the chancellor on the politician of agriculture and trade of Ministry of Agriculture Andres Oopkaup.

As mark in department, at the moment in the Russian agriculture there is an uncertainty of questions of the property of the earths of agricultural mission, complexities are added by constant deficiency of credits. To this point in question decision would help   Estonian experience, system of crediting for spring sowing campaigns.

the Big test for Russia are also the problems connected with transportation grain. Estonia is ready to impart experience with Russia as ourselves faced search of decisions of similar problems, and many decisions have been found - has noted Oopkaup.

At the moment between Estonia and Russia there is no contract on mutual cooperation in the field of agriculture. Last time the meeting of Ministers of Agriculture of two countries has taken place in January of this year in Berlin. Then the decision to sign in the future the contract on cooperation was accepted, informs an information portal novosti. err. ee.