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Unknown vandals have used up synagogue walls in Barnaul

On the night of October, 7th in Barnaul unknown persons have used up synagogue walls. Graphics images expressed aggression in relation to the Jewish people. Incident the main rabbi of Altay territory and Barnaul has commented on Isroel Noah Kamenetsky:

- Most likely, it there were those who lives and studies in Barnaul. When we this morning have seen it. We were in shock. Thank God, such infrequently happens. Certainly, we have called at once militia. Will understand.

As it has appeared, at the Jewish community in Barnaul it is a lot of problems.

- Our community was repeatedly converted   both in city, and in regional administration with the request as - that to affect negative attitude to Jews. But while the result is not present. All remains at level of reports. Many Jews leave from Altai to Novosibirsk, Moscow, Israel, Germany and when come back are surprised that our cenobitic centre still exists. Though they notice that in relation to Jews all - taki has changed nothing.

According to the main rabbi, there are Barnaul citizens who very positively concern Jews.

- Attacks in the street are not present. To the contrary, people approach, encourage us, say that we good fellows that we do not hide the belief. We do not occupy with missionary work, are directed only on Jews.

Visit a synagogue each interested person can. By the way, recently in Barnaul passed Days of the Jewish culture.