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The schoolgirl who has gone in Talitse have found dug in wood

10 - for summer Nina Oboskalovu searched almost week. Past Friday, in 12. 30 it left school both has gone to the grandmother and was gone (see In Talitse the fourth days search 10 - the summer girl ) .

And here yesterday, 15. 00 girl have found. Dead. Its body with violent death signs has been dug in wood.

Nina was searched by police officers and detectives of Talitsky interdistrict investigatory department. They also have found the fourth-grader.  

- On participation in fulfilment of the given crime townsman Talitsa &ndash is checked; idle, 52 - summer citizen Andrey M.Do of it it already came across on rape of the minor and has stayed 13 years,   – has told a press - the secretary of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk area Alexander Shulga. – the question on arrest of the suspect is now solved. Charge to it yet did not show.

Right after how in militia Nina`s mum has come running, the field investigator of a criminal investigation department there have begun its searches: combed neighbouring woods and interrogated friends of the girl and its teachers. Detectives have found out that the schoolgirl has gone to day of the disappearance not to the grandmother as did always, and to the girl-friend, which vein nearby to school. Friends of the house have not appeared, and then the girl has decided to wait for it in apartment. And there on a misfortune of the girl was 52 - summer Andrey – the former convict whom, leaving prison, stayed with the sister – mums nininoj girl-friends.   the geek, already for rape the stayed has started to stick to the girl who has appeared with this monster alone. It was upholstered, but forces were unequal, and the pedophile has killed the schoolgirl. Section then, clothes has burnt, and a body has shipped in a bag. Has then called a taxi, has gone to wood and there near Poppy settlement has dug a corpse.

- While it is impossible to tell precisely how have killed the unfortunate girl, and a leah there was a rape. All it becomes clear after examination, - has told a press - the secretary of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area Valery Gorelyh. – gathering of proofs of fault of the suspect proceeds.