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The overall level of consumer prices in September in Russia has grown on 0. 8 percent

the Overall level of consumer prices in September in Russia has grown on 0. 8 percent, from the beginning of year – on 6. 2 percent (given Rosstata), the press - service Transbaikalian UFAS informs.

In 52 regions the rise in prices for egg chicken following the results of September has made 30 % and more (in Transbaikalian edge - 10 %).

In 17 subjects of the Russian Federation on 30 % the prices on grechku jadritsu (in Transbaikalian edge growth has had on the end of August) also have more grown.

In 14 subjects of Russia for 30 percent the prices for a potato (in Transbaikalian edge - decrease on the average for 42 percent) also have more grown.

In a number of regions the flour wheaten (on 23 has seriously risen in price - 24 percent), in our corner of the world for a month of growth are noted.

Everywhere on 3. 6 - 4. 1 % has risen in price milk and dairy products. (At us growth of wholesale prices on 6. 6 % has had for August).

On Transbaikalian edge from 24 names of the list socially - significant articles of food of the first necessity of the price for September, 27th of current year below the prices of September of last year under 13 names (butter sunflower, eggs chicken, a flour wheaten, bread rye, rzhano - wheaten, bread and bakery products from wheat flour, rice shlifovannyj, millet, vermicelli, a potato, cabbage belokochannaja fresh, an onion napiform, carrots, apples).

For October, 4th on weekly given Zabajkalkrajstata it is not observed a rise in prices for socially significant groups of articles of food (a flour, bread, milk fat content of 2,5 %, butter sunflower, meat) in which relation is carried out by Management monitoring according to commissions FAS of Russia.

the rise in prices for egg chicken Is marked, - cost of ten eggs has made 38. 63 roubles that its cost speaks seasonal rise in prices, for the end of September of last year made 38. 73 roubles.

As earlier it was marked in August by results of monitoring in territory of Transbaikalian edge wholesale prices for milk « Cheerful molochnik » fat content of 2,5 % have increased the manufacturer of Open Society « Vimm - Bil - Dann » (branch in Novosibirsk).

In the location of the manufacturer Novosibirsk UFAS Russia action on the facts of unreasonable rise in prices for dairy production is brought. Following the results of a legal investigation the Society is recognised 1 articles 10 which have broken a part of the Law about competition protection. The writ is given out the managing subject.

According to regional broadcasting in September, 2010 in settlement Aginsky and bakery products price of bread has increased by 20 percent. On the given fact Transbaikalian UFAS investigation is conducted.

Management within the limits of monitoring establishes signs of infringement of point 1 of a part of 1 article 11 of the Law « About competition protection » (The co-ordinated actions on an establishment, maintenance of wholesale prices for butter vegetative in Chita).

action which is appointed to consideration to October, 19th, 2010 is brought.