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BK Nizhni Novgorod has made the way in EuroChallenge

After a drawn game with the bill 92:92 in the first match of qualification in EuroChallenge BK « Nizhni Novgorod » went to Krasnoyarsk only behind victory.

but also at « Yenisei » there was every chance to pass in the third on the importance the European basketball tournament, and the most important thing – Krasnoyarsk citizens in this match will have sumashedshaja a support from tribunes.

at nizhegorodtsev since first minutes game was not took -   it did not turn out to cope in any way with stirring, there was a lot of marriage at end of attacking actions. For three and a half a minute before the termination of the first quarter advantage « Yenisei » became two-place - 23:13. But the Serbian duet from Aleksicha and Paunicha to the big break podsokratili backlog BK « NN » in the bill - 44:37 in advantage « Yenisei ».

the Third quarter nizhegorodtsy have won with advantage in 5 points – 19:24, and in a final piece of a match visitors have shown bojtsovsky character. A point in a match has put exact bright Aleksich - 85:82 in advantage « Nizhni Novgorod ».

After game head coach BK « NN » Zoran Lukich did not hide the satisfaction game which its command has shown.

- I will not hide, to us it was heavy. The first official match on another`s platform where it is necessary to struggle for result. Children first operated not always as much as possible sobranno, but after all and the rival tried to play on victory. During any moment « Yenisei » has taken hold of advantage, but in our collective there was no panic about it. We adhered to the concrete plan for game, even lagging behind in the bill. It is glad that today fine itself has shown not only a basis, but also young basketball players, all - taki 44 points in this meeting was typed by the players leaving from a bench. In an ending children were liberated and have understood that they have nothing to lose, - has noted Zoran Lukich.