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Colleagues have interceded for the field investigator the OHM - 2

Yesterday « has informed that the Office of Public Prosecutor has directed to court criminal case on Vladimir Babushkina, senior operupolnomochennogo criminal investigation department branches   militia department - 2, accused of excess of powers of office. On suspicion in a robbery the police officer has detained 28 - the summer guy and has closed it in the chamber for administratively detained. After seven minutes that was hung up on a lace from shorts. According to the investigation, the senior operupolnomochennogo did not have any proofs about participation of the young man in a robbery and there were no bases for detention guilt-free. On a site « there were comments in support of the militiaman. Quite obviously, for Vladimir Babushkina its colleagues have interceded.

As Dmitry Afanasenko, the chief of department of militia has informed us 2 Departments of Internal Affairs of Tyumen, Vladimir Babushkin serves in the OHM - 2 since 2008, in bodies since 2004. Responds about the employee only from a positive side.

- Diligent, executive, on its work at us never arose any problems, - Dmitry Viktorovich speaks. – I Consider that the bases for detention of the suspect all - taki were. Simply nobody expected that all so will end. Vladimir intends to defend the innocence in court.