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The underground « the Robin » will start to dig in October

Building of station of the Minsk underground the Robin is planned to begin in October of current year, chief KUP " has informed; Management on building of the Minsk underground Paul Tsarun.

the Government of Belarus has confirmed the architectural civil-engineering design of a site of prolongation of the first line of the Minsk underground from station Petrovshchina to station the Robin .

the building project of station is now studied. A spadework is already spent - engineering networks are partially shifted. In October it is planned to start principal views of works. And to finish building should in 42 months.

In connection with the building beginning should move drivers. Since November, 1st on this site will block off traffic, having organised it along the street - to the doubler of the prospectus Dzerzhinsky.


In Minsk there is begun designing of the first site of the third line of the underground from station Anniversary to station Loshitsky . The site will allow to create a triangle of changes. The third line will cross in the centre Lenin`s Area and Frunze also will load October - Kupalovsky . Commissioning of a site of the third line is planned for 2017.

Now there is a building of a new site of the first line of an underground from station culture Institute in microdistrict Jugo - the West. Its opening is planned on the end of 2011. New stations Petrovshchina Mihalovo Grushevka will increase extent of a network by 5,3 km.