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To the Ekaterinburg elephant cow of Dashe have given out the insurance policy

Sloniha Dasha now – the person exclusive. One of these days she has taken out an insurance policy from the company « UGMK - Medicine ». At their expense the greatest inhabitant of the Ekaterinburg zoo has checked up the health. It was found out that it is healthy, it is necessary to support immunity only. In it insurers also were engaged. They have provided Dashu with vitamin C for a year forward. And now except apples, bananas and a pumpkin (all for days 100 kgs of vegetables leave and fruit) an elephant cow crackles askorbinkami, eating on twenty tablets in day.

- Vitamin C protects vessels, helps to be acquired to gland, in all systems of an organism is simply necessary, - Ekaterina Uvarova has told the research assistant of a zoo. – With such guardianship our Dasha precisely will not be ill now.

Now an elephant cow of Dasha almost as the person. At it and the insurance policy with itself!
the Photo: Alexey of DAMASK STEELS.

the Policy to an elephant cow have given out the real, having written down in it all passport data of the inhabitant of a zoo: Dasha, 1981 year of birth, idle. A residence – the Zoo ».

- the Policy – it is the big material support from sponsors, - the director of a zoo Ilya Baljukov has noted. – And on a broader scale we have a service of veterinary surgeons which look after animals and treat them if there is such necessity.

Insurers do not exclude that the policy for an elephant cow of Dashi – it is first signs. And in the future such « security documents » other animals will get also. For example, a sad she-bear the Branch.