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In Kemerovo the grandson tried to rob own grandmother

About midnight on a visit to 80 - to the summer woman the grandson has glanced. The guy has sat some minutes, has drunk tea, and has then asked money on loan. The grandmother, knowing about love of the relative to drugs, has not given. On refusal has commented that, money has ended, and pension yet soon. Then the young man has begun   to ransack on apartment in searches though something valuable. Hoped, then to sell.

the Pensioner has been shocked by such behaviour of the grandson. Tried to stop it – without results. Then the old woman has called in militia. In some minutes on an apartment threshold there were employees of private security. The guy during this moment tried to pack a microwave into a package.

- Him have detained and delivered in police station, - the employee has informed a press - services UVO at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Kemerovo region Evgenii Pisarchuk. - As it was found out not the first episode. Several days before the young man has dragged off at the relative the puncher which has sold for 500 roubles.