Rus News Journal

Castro Raul Castro has reproached Obama with duplicity

has addressed to Barack Obama concerning fight against terrorism.

the Leader of Cuba considers that the USA apply a policy of double standards at opposition to insurgents. To refuse double standards in fight against terrorism

On solemn aktk in the Cuban Minister of Defence of memory of victims of acts of terrorism Castro declared on October, 6th in the Afternoon of victims of the state terrorism .

the Government of Cuba urges president Obama to operate firmly and without double standards against those who from the American territory carried out and continues to try to carry out acts of terrorism against Cuba - he has told.

Castro has reminded of tragical incident of 1976 when at coast of Barbados the plane of Cuban airline Cubana de Aviacion therefore 73 persons, from them 57 Cubans, 11 inhabitants of Gyana and 5 Koreans were lost has been undermined.

Till now in Cuba consider that Luis Posada Karrilesa, now at large in Miami was the organizer of act of terrorism.

As has underlined Castro, with each new aggression revolution in Cuba only became stronger that has forced terrorists from CIA and their owners to plan the plan of an attack and to create in Florida the largest after Lengli (a staff - CIA apartment) the prospecting centre .

In spite of the fact that that attack which has been carried out in April, 1961 (disembarkation in Plajja - Hiron, or the Gulf of Pigs), has been crushed at less than 72 o`clock, it costed lives to 176 compatriots, and more 50 persons were incurred by mutilations - quotes Castro of RIA News .