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In Moscow large thefts of the weapon

In Severo are made - East and East districts of capital for a day two large thefts of fire-arms are made at once. At first into militia it was converted 46 - the summer inhabitant 25 - go at home along the street 5 - oh by Sokolinnoj of a mount.

On Wednesday, with 9. 00 to 12. 00 while men were not at home, the unknown person has forced the lock
an entrance door. The thief has taken away fowling piece IZH - 81,12 - go calibre, gas pistol IZH - 79, calibre of 8 mm., a gas pistol Victory calibre of 9 mm. The weapon has been registered by the owner of apartment lawfully, and it has estimated theft of trunks in   10 800 roubles.

Similar theft has happened and in Severo - East district. To employees OVD on area Southern Medvedkovo it was converted 40 - the summer inhabitant 9 - go at home along the street Dezhneva. He has told that   the unknown person on Wednesday, during the period with 09. 00 to 19. 40 has hurt a window of its balcony, has got into apartment.

the Thief has taken away 800 000 roubles, the laptop, cut hunting carbine TOZ - 122 calibres 7. 62 mm., cut hunting carbine CZ ZKM 452, calibre 22 LR,   and smooth-bore guns Remington - 870, 12 - go calibre. The lawful owner of the weapon has estimated the caused damage in 950 000 roubles.

criminal cases under article " Are raised; theft . There is a search of criminals armed cap-a-pie.

- it is not excluded that large thefts of the weapon are made by request by criminal groups for fulfilment in Moscow of robberies or attempts, - informs a source in law enforcement bodies.