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In Ulyanovsk search for the next swindler gathering old men

  In Ulyanovsk many swindlers pensioners become which victims boss. And, trusting old men give money. So, on October, 1st, in Day of the elderly person, the savings two pensioners have lost at once. Now they hope for the help of militia in search of the swindler.

- the Malefactor operated under the following scheme: approached to old men in the street, fastened with them conversation, - Olga Bogatova has told the expert in communications with mass-media of the Department of Internal Affairs in the city of Ulyanovsk. - the Swindler complained that in a city it does not have acquaintances, and to it urgently should list the large sum. But at it is not present the personal account, sberknizhki on which it could receive money. Having like « a problem » compassionate old men suggested to use for a remittance own sberknizhki. Together with the criminal they went to the branch of bank located in Leninsk area of Ulyanovsk, removed the saved up sums and   gave to their swindler promising that within the next few days on their bill will arrive « occupied » it a sum of money. To convince older persons of reliability of a legend, the malefactor left as a deposit ostensibly very expensive set of tableware. After the swindler received cash in hands, he asked the compassionate pensioner to buy to it in a booth water, and itself at this time disappeared in an unknown direction. Only after that older persons realised that became victims of the criminal.
according to victims police officers have made an identikit of the swindler. Its signs: the man of a large constitution, presumably Gipsy nationality, by sight 35 - 40 years, growth about 170 sm, hair dark, eyes dark. Has been dressed in trousers of dark colour, it is light - a beige jacket and the same colour a cap with a peak. VAZ « moves on a motor vehicle; classics » dark colour.
all who has the information on the similar facts of swindle, ask to inform by phones 02, 67 - 44 - 28, 67 - 44 - 07, or on a telephone hotline 67 - 86 - 97.