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Management companies of Vladivostok should open trade secrets

the Excuse that the information on number of yard keepers in management company staff is a trade secret, any more prokatit. And it is fast at kommunalshchikov possibility to fool tenants will disappear, assuring that the wooden sandbox established on a children`s playground has managed to owners of apartments in 20 thousand roubles. Townspeople will have a possibility absolutely freely, without any inquiries to municipal officials to find out, what works on apartment house repair has executed them UK. And at the same time to compare, how much similar work costs at other companies.

- Us quite often reproached with the subjective approach at drawing up of ratings UK, - has told « the head of department of the maintenance of available housing of Vladivostok Alexander Tabachenko. – To our inquiries kommunalshchiki at times reacted so as if we interfere with their economic activities. And now the law obliges management companies to give unlimited access to the information on their work.

such openness UK needed the whole governmental order of the Russian Federation ( 731 from 23. 09. 2010). In capital of Primorski Krai it is planned to get special section on an official site of administration of Vladivostok. Municipal managers should report on all Internet, they establish what tariffs on the services and as spend money. It is necessary even to admit, what houses and for what reason have broken off with them contracts about management. And townspeople can make a well-founded choice who can be trusted the house and of what UK it is better to steer clear.