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Vadim Hamuttsky: We have already enough burnt on trainers - legionaries

Russian national team on volleyball in the World championship in Italy has taken the fifth place though many experts designated to our team hit to a three of the best. It has not turned out. Now it is necessary to argue on work in the command of the Italian trainer Daniel Banoli. According to the long-term captain of a national team and binding « JAroslavicha » Vadim Hamuttsky, the Italian expert in a national team of Russia has already fulfilled the.

- Only do not ask to name a surname of those who theoretically could take a place of Banoli, - has told Hamuttsky « to the Russian newspaper ».

Vadim considers that the domestic expert should occupy fast of the coach of the team.

- On - to mine, we have already enough burnt on trainers - legionaries, - continues Hamuttsky - Will suffice! Let it will be the Russian trainer, Ukrainian, or, say, the Byelorussian. But he understands our mentality, knows players and fine represents that it is necessary to do in this or that situation. At us such experts are precisely.