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America celebrates Day Columbus

America celebrates Day Columbus, the state feast founded in 1937 by the president by Franklin by Roosevelt.

seafarer Christopher Columbus has opened New light on October, 12th, 1492 on the Julian calendar, abiding in full confidence that has reached vicinities of India and accepting Cuba for Japan.

the error of the traveller has been dispelled only after six years by the Portuguese Vasco da Gama who has actually laid a sea way to India, as a sign of the proof having brought to Europe strange spices.

nevertheless, on maps of that time it was fixed two names - Ost - India Vasko da Gama and Vest - India opened by Columbus. The country which has created the strongest economy in the world, could be called the United States Colombia if in 1498 florentinets Amerigo Vespucci has not opened a mouth of the rivers Amazons and Steam. Though, having risen by boats on 100 kilometres upstream, he and could not set foot on land the continent nowadays carrying his name, from - for too dense virgin forest.

a name of the pioneer the cities of Kolambus, Colombia and Colon, the Latin American state Colombia, and also national currency of the state El Salvador carry district of Columbia in the USA. The hottest participants of commemoratings of Day of Columbus - Spanish and italo - the American diaspora which arranges this day parades under the American and Italian flags in memory of exploit of 90 seafarers who have come to coast of America on three caravels - Santa - Maria the Pint and Santa - Clara (more known as Ninja by name the owner). The Italians, one of numerous diasporas in the USA, honour Columbus the as he was born on Corsica which was a part of the Genoa republic.
Nowadays six cities of Italy and Spain challenge honour to be its small native land.

in New York historical event of opening of America is immortalised by a monument in heart Manhattan on Kolambus - serkl in the form of 21 - the metre column topped with a figure of Columbus. It has been created in honour of 400 - letija opening of America. However, in the USA the person and a historical role of the trailblazer are conceived ambiguously - arrival of the European settlers has marked the beginning of mass colonisation, a slave-trade and destruction of the radical people subsequently named a genocide. Therefore in the USA Day of Columbus also will be noted also by manifestations of protest of the radical people of America and human rights organisations which usually bear portraits of the medieval seafarer now named the colonizer, with the signature the murderer .

For the majority of inhabitants of the American megacities neutrally concerning the person of the pioneer, Day of Columbus are country picnics and last long the day off of a summer season when country houses till next spring are traditionally closed for the winter. Traditionally Put Columbus always it is marked on Monday, informs RIA News .