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The inhabitant of Barnaul has brought down 20 - the summer drunk girl

On Saturday, on October, 9th, in 03. 35 in the street Baltic in Barnaul there was a road accident. Under car wheels the drunk girl has got. Details have informed in traffic police across Altay territory:

- the Driver 1969 year of birth, operating car ZAZ « Chance » has brought down the pedestrian 1990 year of birth which was drunk. Suffered passed proezzhuju a part in not put place. As a result of road accident the pedestrian with closed cranial - a brain trauma, concussion of a brain, a stupid trauma of a stomach, crisis of bones of a basin it is hospitalised in city hospital 1.

All for target, on October, 9th and 10, in region territory   it is registered 34 dorozhno - transport incidents, in which result   one person was lost and 39 have received physical injuries of various severity level.

Employees of traffic police reveal 6 746 infringements of traffic regulations. For management of transport in a drunken state 178 drivers, for infringement of a high-speed mode - 2 815 are detained.