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On places in the Chelyabinsk regional parliament can count four parties

According to all available information on elections of deputies of Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk area 49,6 % of voters, &mdash have voted; informs a press - electoral committee service.

Following the results of processing of bulletins from five hundred polling districts it is visible that political party « an United Russia » the party « has received 59,22 %; Fair Russia » has received 16 %, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation — 10,97 %, LDPR — 8,17 %. Parties « the Just cause » and « Patriots of Russia » have received less than one percent, party « the Apple » - 1,5 %.

— Day of voting has passed easy enough, — the chairman of election committee of the Chelyabinsk area Irina Starostin considers. - Complaints which would be necessary for considering at commission session, was not.

However, not all representatives of parties agree with this opinion. It is known that many are dissatisfied with a considerable quantity otkrepitelnyh certificates which were received by employees of some enterprises.