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Adjudgment Bychkovu have again transferred

Court over tagilskim narcofighter Egor Bychkovym became, perhaps, to the loudest in the history of Sverdlovsk area. Never before in the history of the person accused of kidnappings, tortures and a beating, did not support fate - musicians, teachers, sportsmen, priests and even members of Public chamber.

Process over the founder of the rehabilitation centre for addicts became sign on true. Hot supporters of Bychkova the Internet - diaries and columns already had time to write to the that much depends on a sentence: if Egor will justify, not all is lost and if will solder in term it will mean one - state machinery has helped drug dealers and has crushed the boy, which though as - that tried to struggle with domination of heroin (see Uraltsa judge for mockeries at addicts ) .

I not undertake to argue, it will be fair   the sentence or not, but would be desirable to note one. In process over Bychkovym the Office of Public Prosecutor of Dzerzhinsky area of Nizhni Tagil has made everything that many citizens have supported 20 - the summer guy which, if to believe charge, tortured people. And this uralets became almost the hero.

All has begun summer of 2008 when pravoohraniteli have closed tagilsky the rehabilitation centre for addicts, and its founder Egor Bychkova have accused under three serious articles: plohishchenie, tortures and a beating, and as illegal imprisonment.

Process over Bychkovym started one year ago, but any of victims on this business was not converted into Office of Public Prosecutor independently! Addicts who rebtsentre arrested to cots handcuffs, it was necessary to search across all Nizhni Tagil and area. And in court to deliver under escort. And there they have refused the initial words, having declared that in the centre were voluntary, anybody did not beat them and did not abduct and, on a broader scale, to Bychkovu they have no relation.

During process Egor repeatedly declared that inspectors from charge pressed on witnesses and victims that those have given the necessary evidences.

But the Office of Public Prosecutor on the former bent the, having written to the bill of particulars that victims hungered, and as physical and moral travails connected with sharp refusal of a drug taking .  

it would not be desirable to do of Egor an innocent victim At all. Its method so-called treatments from heroin dependence it is really very rigid, and the addict in a status lomki actually suffers affliction. But when the Office of Public Prosecutor compares the rehabilitation centre to the chamber of tortures and it asks to send its founder for 12 years to a colony of strictly mode, you see, behind a good and harm side. After all to Egor Bychkova`s Perm colleague - to Alexander Sherokovu who too has created in due time the rehabilitation centre for addicts, have awarded rather less - three years and two months koloni settlements.   and of kidnapping did not accuse, having punished only for illegal imprisonment.

Adjudgment have transferred. Questions still remained. Who wins from process over Bychkovym? There is an opinion that this celebration of the law (I do not know, a leah inverted commas are pertinent here) favourably, first of all, to sellers of heroin.   after all dealers death really feared like the plague field investigators Cities without drugs - these inquisitors 21 - centuries with which it is impossible to agree. It is no wonder, what exactly when boxer Egor Bychkov declared the Crusade ranks were fallen asleep on heroin from... tagilskogo the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances! And checks in this department have just begun after Egor Bychkov has made noise. As a result scandal have hardly hushed up,   but the chief of that time tagilskogo GNK Alexander Koksharov its assistant Sergey Shutov and the senior representative Sergey Tarasov « have retired ». And to the pensioner Tarasovu shortly before it resignation 27 years have knocked.

It is assured that the tomorrow`s sentence to Bychkovu will be not definitive, Anastas`s lawyer Uderevsky will appeal against against it. And in the meantime Sverdlovsk public chamber   it was converted into regional Office of Public Prosecutor that there have understood with with all facts which have been put in charge structure and as have checked up Egor`s statement that inspectors forged proofs and pressed on witnesses.

In Public chamber did not begin to hide the sympathies for Bychkovu and have directly declared:

- Calls concern that fact that the loudest becomes has not put on charge of drug dealers, and process on charge of the citizens struggling with this harm.


Church – for Egor

Gennady Vedernikov Makes comments protoirej:

- I never witnessed cruel treatment. All who confessed, with whom I gave talks, expressed understanding and sympathy. Revolts today that occurs in court. I think, it is an indicator of to destroy any civil initiative on struggle for a healthy way of life, for culture, for morals, for our spiritual traditions. The future basis &ndash is destroyed; youth, therefore we cannot remain indifferent. Participation of church in Nizhni Tagil direct, we have asked, that the rehabilitation centre has been created. It is sad that we do not understand: a huge grief – It does not happen the stranger. The court will show, what civic stand of our people and what our state structure.

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