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To answer questions of copyists it is possible on stationary sites

the Basic method of its carrying out is poll of the population by the copyist in a place of constant residing by a way pokvartirnogo detour. For inhabitants who for any reasons do not want or cannot meet the copyist in a residence, will be organised stationary perepisnye sites where also it is possible to answer questions of the copyist. The address and phone of the nearest stationary site can be learnt on the Internet - a site of Tjumenstata ( www. tumstat. gks. ru ), on an official portal of a city administration of Tyumen ( http:// www. tyumen - city. ru/ informacii/ perepis/ uchastki/ ). The Operating time stationary perepisnyh sites – with 8. 00 to 21. 00.

the Additional information on an order of passage of census can be received under numbers « hot » a telephone line of Tjumenstata: (3452) 25 - 75 - 47, 46 - 31 - 04, 25 - 75 - 45 .

the Operation mode « a hot line » – at week-days with 8. 30 to 17. 30 till October, 14th, in carrying out of population census from October, 14 till October, 25th and during control detour from October, 26 till October, 29th –   daily with 9. 00 to 21. 00 .